Phil Sevetson:

I am a husband, father, slave to cats, student of the martial arts, database geek, and an American Liberal Democratic Christian in my fifties.  I work full time day-shift weekday hours for the City of New York and have a long train commute from Connecticut into New York City.

Job-related stuff:

  1. Recruiters: I am not currently looking to change my job. Please do not contact me with employment or employment-application solicitations. If you’re looking for referrals to people who may be looking, I’m most likely able to help with DB2 Database Adminstrator (on mainframe) positions.  No distributed platform stuff, I don’t have the connections.
  2. Applicants: I can’t take your resume and forward it for an opening in the NYC government. You have to apply through the City of New York job application site, http://www1.nyc.gov/jobs/index.page. Once you’ve applied there, if you know me, ask me for a reference and I’ll be happy to supply one.  I can’t have any other input to the process, especially if you’re a relative.
  3. References: If I’ve ever worked with you, you can apply to another job somewhere else and ask me for a reference.  I’ve been happy to vouch for most of my co-workers. Talk to me.

    N.B. All references will be accompanied by a disclaimer that my opinions are my own and do not represent the City of New York in any way.

  4. Vendors: If you’re trying to sell IT-related products (software, training, whatever) to my employer, don’t bother trying to get in by emailing me. I can’t help you, and trying is a Career Limiting Move on my part.

    Instead, go to http://www.nyc.gov/html/selltonyc/html/sell/enrollment.shtml and register there, then get bids. Your chances of making a sale to NYC from a cold call would be less than zero, if that were possible. Seriously. Waste of time. Follow the established procedures.


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