Things which I need to be studying:

  • WordPress
  • Sewing
  • Basic Auto Mechanics/Maintenance
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Information Security
  • Database Security and known vulnerabilities
  • Encryption Methods, Number Theory, Primality and tests thereof (NOT “factoring numbers”)
  • Linux Command Line (low priority)
  • IMS (The IBM Mainframe database, not the messaging service)
  • Tang Soo Do Hyungs
    • Pyung Ahn E Dan (mostly good) (Form 5)
    • Pyung Ahn Sam Dan (needs work) (Form 6)
    • Pyung Ahn Sa Dan (needs a few more run-throughs) (Form 7)
    • Pyung Ahn Oi Dan (don’t have all the moves down) (Form 8)
    • Bassai Hyung (don’t have all the moves down)
    • Naihanji Shodan (Needs a few more run-throughs, but mostly good)
    • Naihanji E Dan (don’t have all the moves down)
    • Naihanji Sam Dan (don’t have all the moves down)
    • Chil Sung Il Ru (barely started)
    • Chil Sung E Ru (barely started)
    • Chil Sung Sam Ro (barely started)
    • Jin Do (barely started)
    • Federation Self Defense Moves
      • 1 (good, except for fourth step)
      • 2 (need third and fourth step)
      • 3 (need all)
      • 4 (need all)
      • 5 (need third and fourth step, more practice)

Okay, is that enough? I’m drowning now.


Author: Philip Sevetson

Husband, father, uncle, grandfather. Old married white guy. Mainframe Database geek. Mid-level martial artist (1 Dan, Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation), recovering desk jockey (working out with some regularity). Agnostic Christian (United Church of Christ or Evangelical Church of the U.S.A., depending on my mood). Democrat. Liberal, with strong prejudices in favor of freedom of speech, privacy of electronic communications, strong encryption without backdoors, a level economic / employment / educational / and legal playing field, feminism, full civil rights for minorities and LGBTQIA+, 1st/4th/5th/14th amendments.

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