What it’s All About, Alfie

  1. The title is a reference to a 1960’s pop song, for those who are too young to know.
  2. So. New Blog. Using WordPress, the free account at first (they want $99/year, billed annually, for their non-free account, so that’ll have to wait a bit). It’s been recommended to me as a feature-rich blog with good support, so we’ll see.
  3. If anyone has a link to a user’s guide to features (like backup and security and how to use them), I’d appreciate a comment here.
  4. Topics. Will mostly be political, but I’ve got at least one which I know won’t be — Ori Pomerantz linked to a video about how to get a metal ring off your finger when the finger is badly swollen, and that method absolutely didn’t work for me last time I had to get a ring off of a swollen finger (due to a nasty phenomenon called “Angioedema”). I’ll be posting about a method which _did_ work for me.
  5. Why a blog and not Facebook?
    1. Because I like outline structure for complex discussions (hold over from my high school Debate career), and Facebook doesn’t do that particularly well
    2. I can control the comments better, here
    3. I don’t always want debate from the other side; sometimes I want to invite friends from my side only to post. I can control that more easily here. (I guess this is kind of the same as (b)).
  6. As my friend Willie Favero signs his posts: “That’s all for now”

Author: Philip Sevetson

Husband, father, uncle, grandfather. Old married white guy. Mainframe Database geek. Mid-level martial artist (1 Dan, Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation), recovering desk jockey (working out with some regularity). Agnostic Christian (United Church of Christ or Evangelical Church of the U.S.A., depending on my mood). Democrat. Liberal, with strong prejudices in favor of freedom of speech, privacy of electronic communications, strong encryption without backdoors, a level economic / employment / educational / and legal playing field, feminism, full civil rights for minorities and LGBTQIA+, 1st/4th/5th/14th amendments.

One thought on “What it’s All About, Alfie”

  1. Did you know that in 1968 Stevie Wonder recorded and released (on 45 and later an album) an instrumental cover version of “Alfie” on the harmonica billed to Eivets Rednow (his name backward). He wanted to see if he could get a hit without using his real name. Alas, the song only rose to number 66 on the pop charts.


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